End of tenancy cleaning in Birmingham

Do you want to clean your rental property thoroughly after your ex-tenant has left and before you have another one in that property or do you want to win your deposit back after the end of your tenancy? Well, we are proud to introduce ourselves to you as a professional end of tenancy cleaning service provider. From carpets to bathrooms and from kitchen to garden; we can clean every single part of your rented flat or house when you hire us for end of tenancy cleaning.

Samps Home and Carpet Cleaning Services in Birmingham and Solihull can guarantee your satisfaction. We will come back to redo the work if you're not satisfied, that's how confident we are of our service.


Size of the property

Depending on how big your property is, the house cleaning pricess will be different. The bigger the property, the higher the price. It definitely matters whether a single or two-bedroom apartment is cleaned, it also matters how many bathrooms there are in the property. In all cases, if your home is large you should ask the cleaning company for a free inspection to determine in advance how much the service will cost you.

Degree of contamination

The next factor determining the price is the condition of your home. If your house is dirtier than usual, it sounds quite logical to be charged more than the usual rate. Keep in mind that After tenancy cleaning is not a usual wiping, vacuuming and dusting. It is a main, thorough, deep and detailed cleaning of any dirty place in your home. So if you haven’t cleaned your stove for near two years, and the walls and floor in the kitchen keep the memory of all the dishes you have prepared, be sure you will have to pay a little more than the average price for this type of cleaning.

Additional services

Аs you can see in the price list below, the carpet cleaning is not included in the regular price. It is charged extra. Another service not included in the Post tenancy cleaning is for example upholstery cleaning. Therefore it is good to know what services exactly involves and if necessary to request additional service, so do not be surprised at the final price.

The price list below is our average prices after comparing different properties.

End of tenancy cleaning in Birmingham


Studio Flat £80.00

1 Bedroom Flat £90.00

2 Bedroom - 1 Bathroom £110.00 £120.00

2 Bedroom - 2 Bathroom £120.00 £130.00

3 Bedroom - 1 Bathroom £135.00 £145.00

3 Bedroom - 2 Bathroom £155.00 £165.00

4 Bedroom - 2 Bathroom £165.00 £175.00

4 Bedroom - 3 Bathroom £175.00 £185.00


  • These are the prices we charge you. There is no extra or hidden cost for your professional cleaning.
  • 10% off for our regular clients and for Estate Agents
End of tenancy cleaning in Birmingham


End of Tenancy cleaning program includes the following :

  • Light fixtures will be cleaned. Blinds, curtain rails, stairwells and banisters will be dusted.
  • Cabinets and drawers will be cleaned and vacuumed inside and out.
  • Woodwork including doors, trim, cabinets, drawers, closet shelves, bookshelves, handrails will be wiped down.
  • Horizontal surfaces including counter tops will be wiped down.
  • Cushions in sofas or chairs will be lifted, vacuumed and cleared of debris.
  • Baseboards, ledges, electrical outlets covers and light switches will be cleaned.
  • Mirrors, porcelain surfaces will be cleaned and polished. Cobwebs will be removed.
  • Bathroom fixtures including sinks, toilets, urinals, showers will be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Kitchen sink and dishwasher will be cleaned.
  • Exterior of large appliances and exterior and interior of microwave will be cleaned
  • Exterior of stove will be cleaned.
  • Hard floor will be vacuumed, dust mopped or swept, and wet mopped.
  • Carpeted areas will be vacuumed including mats and edges using detail attachment.
  • Any other minor task not in the list will be cared for.


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