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Samps Home and Carpet Cleaning Services Ltd offers professional carpet cleaning for home and business in areas like Birmingham and Solihull. Be it the small carpet in your living room or a large one in the lobby area of your corporate office or the medium-sized one at the reception area of your photo-studio – we can clean carpets of every size and pattern.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

As an experienced commercial carpet cleaner, we can offer you comprehensive carpet cleaning for your commercial properties. We have the knowledge and staffs to handle large commercial projects as well. Since commercial buildings receive more footfalls than the residential ones, the carpets of these buildings become dirty soon. They receive various kinds of stains, grease and dust which seem very tough to be removed. But our experts know how to fight against those stubborn stains and keep your commercial carpets really clean.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

We are your trusted household carpet cleaner in Birmingham and Solihull. No matter whether you use the carpet in your bedroom or living room; we are able to remove all the stains and dirt from the same and bring back its old shine and softness. We use safe carpet cleaning solutions which are mild on the materials but harsh on the stains. We guarantee the removal of stains from the carpets after the first wash.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Are you worried about the carpets of your rented property? Do you want to clean your rental property thoroughly after your ex-tenant has left and before you have another one in that property? Well, we are proud to introduce ourselves to you as a professional end of tenancy cleaning service provider. From carpets to bathrooms and from kitchen to garden; we can clean every single part of your rented flat or house when you hire us for end of tenancy cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning

As an experienced team of carpet cleaners, we can also take full responsibility of the upholsteries of your home and office. We know how to clean them without damaging the materials. We use light and safe detergents to clean them thoroughly. Be it your office or home, you can always have clean and germ-free upholstery with the help of our experts.

Mattress Cleaning

Experience the most effective and result-driven mattress cleaning service from the experts of Samps Home and Carpet Cleaning Services Ltd. We use eco-friendly products to clean the mattresses of your home and business so that it cannot your kids, pets and workers in any manner. Moreover, our experts have the skill to clean the mattresses in a flawless manner with the help of the advanced tools within few hours.

Rug Cleaning

If you are worried about the proper cleaning of the rugs in your home or office, then we are here to help you. Samps Home and Carpet Cleaning Services Ltd has the skill and experience of cleaning rugs of all sizes for domestic and commercial properties. We use the safest materials for cleaning so that your rugs remain in their best condition after the cleaning.

Household Carpet Cleaner

Our Top Features

  • We use eco-friendly carpet cleaners to keep your environment clean and safe.
  • We use the most effective carpet cleaning methods to remove the dirt and stains.
  • We take proper care of the carpets and never damage the carpets while cleaning them.
  • Our carpet cleaning services are affordable and trustworthy.

Be it cleaning any particular area of the carpets or washing the entire carpet – we are here to help you in getting the right service at the right time. Please feel free to call us and let us help you in cleaning your carpets.

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